Oregon Right to Life launches Latino Outreach program

margotloza7“I am very excited to announce the beginning of Oregon Right to Life’s new Latino Outreach program,” said Gayle Atteberry, executive director. “Latinos make up an important segment of Oregon’s population and we want to reach them with truth about the life of the unborn.”

The most recent figures show that 11.5 percent of abortions in Oregon are performed on Hispanics, with abortion rates among Hispanics being higher than those for non-Hispanics.

“Hispanics come from a cultural and spiritual background which is very pro-life,” explained Ms. Atteberry, “but the more the younger generation integrates with American culture, the more pro-abortion they become. We are dedicated to helping stop that trend.”

Margot Loza has been hired as director of the Latino Outreach program. Loza, a Latina and a recent graduate of the University of Idaho, spent many summer months living in her parents’ hometown in Mexico.

She was a very active leader on her university campus, helping increase membership in the pro-life club over 300 percent. “We are all very excited to be able to have Margot’s skills, passion for life, and experience to lead this exciting new program,” said Ms. Atteberry. Ms. Loza can be reached at 503-463-8563 or at margot@ortl.org.