Kansans for Life Introduces Kansas’ newest and most well-known radio star of 2016: Baby “Echo”

Across the state, “Echo” radio spots are now running on every single radio station which allows commercials.

Auditioners read “ECHO” scripts

Auditioners read “ECHO” scripts

Through 4-dimensional sonograms and modern microbiology, we can now chart the incredible development of a human being from the moment of conception forward! That’s why we named our baby Echo – we know so much more about Echo because of the “echo” of ultrasound!

The art of theatre and drama often use fictitious characters. In our radio ads, we have endeavored to use the theatrical drama to create the personality of Echo to illustrate the facts we know about fetal development in today’s modern scientific world.

Echo’s very first cell contains the complex DNA which determines all physical characteristics for the rest of Echo’s life! This tiny human being begins growing very quickly. In fact, if Echo were to keep growing all 9 months as fast as during the first and second month, Echo would be 14 tons at birth! By day 18 of pregnancy, Echo’s heart begins beating, and Echo’s brain waves start by day 40!

By the end of the third month of pregnancy, Echo is now 3 inches long; Echo begins thumb sucking and hiccupping, and can hear outside noises. Echo will squint, frown and smile – Echo’s facial expressions even resemble those of Echo’s mom and dad!

Many parents will tell you that they can already tell a lot about their child’s personality, even before he or she is born. Depending on how aggressively the unborn baby kicks, sleeps, and his/her pre-born habits, the baby shows his/her personality from early on in the pregnancy.

We hope you will enjoy Echo’s sense of humor, as Echo warms hearts throughout Kansas over the next few weeks. Since all of us were former unborn babies, and since millions of Kansas women and men are mothers and fathers, all of us in some way or another can identify with Echo. Who knows, Echo may even become Kansas’ most popular radio star in 2016! And if you ask Echo’s agent, Echo might even be willing to sign autographs! 🙂

To hear the 1-minute Echo radio spots, click HERE [http://kfl.org/resources_churchresources_echo2016churchproject.html].