Who is the Pro-Life Movement?

By Jean Garton

NRLCstaffMarch2016reWho are we – the people called “the Pro-Life Movement”? Many years ago a syndicated columnist caricatured us as “a movement of bigots, ugly women, impotent men and fanatic moralists.”

Later in a book by a supporter of abortion rights, the author described us as “a bloody movement, a movement based on deceit, a movement not quite human in its modus operandi and its end.”

Characterizations like that continue today, and they are a natural response to who we are and what we believe. We don’t make sense in a secular, self-centered world.

We do for free what we wouldn’t do for money. We do for love what we wouldn’t do for power, and we do for others what we wouldn’t do for ourselves. That’s what it means to be our “brother’s keeper,” to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and to be “a Good Samaritan.”

However, despite such inaccurate characterizations of pro-life people, critics correctly use the word “movement” to describe us. That is crucial to understanding who we are. Pro-Life is not a protest group … not an organization … not a sectarian crusade.

Pro-Life is a mighty association of individuals, groups, churches, and organizations with people of all ages, colors, religions and nationalities. Pro-Life is a worldwide movement that has no counterpart.

Marchforlifestopsigns3Other movements in the past have been similar, but never before, in a so-called civilized society, have people united together – in a strong, public counter movement to a violent killing force – simply to say that you may not kill the smallest, the most defenseless, the most innocent among us.

Ours is a mission unique to human history and a unity unique in the world. And there’s always room for more! So do something! Do something new! Do something now! Together we can restore protection to the most vulnerable, the most endangered, the threatened of all ages.

A childhood rhyme says: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

Oh, yes, they will, if the names people use to describe human beings dehumanize them and help to obscure the violence we are doing to them through abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.