WATCH: Local Church Stuns Pregnancy Center with Surprise Gift

By Jay Hobbs

dollarclub4The generosity of a local church in Tennessee is going directly to reach women facing unexpected pregnancies, as Life Church recently donated $4,500 to the Cookeville (Tenn.) Pregnancy Clinic.

Life Church, which is located just a mile from the campus of Tennessee Tech University, drives a monthly project they call the “Dollar Club,” where they ask everyone in the church to give one dollar to a specific ministry or need within the community.

The church’s target for the month of September, the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic, first opened in 1988. Under current executive director Nancy Knowlton, who has guided the organization since 1995, the clinic has added free on-site ultrasound services and a mobile ultrasound unit through ICU Mobile.

Funds raised through the Dollar Club are going toward the upkeep of the mobile unit, which gives the clinic the ability to serve key locations around a college campus of over 10,000 students.

In fact, Knowlton first came to Cookeville as a college student, and experienced two abortions as a young woman prior to becoming a Christian and a long-time champion for life.

“Back then, I was a wild woman in general,” Knowlton said on a video interview produced by Life Church. “I found out I was pregnant and I was scared to death. I didn’t want to tell my mom, and there was no voice of life in Cookeville. Everybody around here told me abortion was the way to go.”

Thanks to Knowlton and the Cookeville Pregnancy Clinic, that’s no longer the case.

Check out the video of Life Church announcing its gift to Knowlton here [].

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