Minnesota teen wins National Right to Life Essay Contest

Congratulations to Mara Cobb for her creative pro-life writing

By Cailin Sullivan

Maranatha Cobb Photo: Bemidji Pioneer

Maranatha Cobb
Photo: Bemidji Pioneer

Minnesota’s Maranatha Cobb, the winner of the senior high 2016 National Right to Life Essay Contest, reveals the humanity of the unborn through her writing.

Mara’s essay begins with a comparison between herself as an unborn baby and another baby conceived at about the same time. Both of the babies were perfect and quickly developing but only Mara lived; the other child’s life was ended by abortion.

Mara writes that this baby could have grown up to become a singer, teacher or senator, but “we’ll never know, because her life disappeared forever, and with her went her contribution to the world.”


Mara has grown up in Bemidji and her family has always been pro-life. As strong Christians the Cobbs believe that all human life is sacred.

Mara learned very early in life that “babies are just as much alive as anyone else.” Mara excels at expressing herself through writing and has entered numerous essay contests. She also won a national writing competition about freedom put on by well-known journalist and commentator John Stossel.

A rising high school junior, Mara will take college-level classes online through Northwestern University in St. Paul this year.


Mara looks up to her parents, grandparents and everyone in her church as they uphold the sanctity of life and extend compassion to people facing unplanned pregnancy. She believes that talking with people about the issue can help to end abortion.

Mara writes, “If anyone is struggling, we can tell them that they have other options and encourage them.”

Editor’s note. This appeared in the summer edition of the newsletter of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), NRLC’s state affiliate.