Pro-abortionists exploit the most vulnerable unborn babies to attempt to destroy protective abortion laws in Ireland

By Dave Andrusko

Mick Wallace [Leah Farrell]

Mick Wallace [Leah Farrell]

It is as clear a signal as you could ever ask for of the ethos of those determined to dismantle the protective abortion laws in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland that the preferred battering ram is unborn babies diagnosed with life-shortening disabilities.

And that no matter how many times such laws are defeated–or candidates who support aborting these babies are tossed out of office–they come back again.

And that they would call such a bill, “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act.”

You may recall NRL News Today’s report last year when such a bill, sponsored by Independent Socialist Clare Daly, was voted down by the overwhelming vote of 104 to 20 in The Dáil [the lower house of the Parliament of Ireland] .

A carbon copy will be voted on this week, introduced this time by Mick Wallace. Here is the context.

#1. The government is against the bill and there is a ferocious fight within the cabinet over whether they would need to follow the lead of Taoiseach [Prime Minister] Enda Kenny. Kenny is now quoted as “saying that the whip system for voting does not extend to independent members of Cabinet,” according to the internet publication The Journal.

#2. The fight over the “right” to abort babies with “fatal fetal anomalies” is part of a larger campaign by pro-abortionists to gut the “Eighth Amendment” which says, The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

This week’s measure is crucial to the pro-abortionist long term strategy of turning the abortion laws of Ireland and Northern Ireland into clones of Great Britain’s abortion on demand through 24 weeks and until birth with babies diagnosed with various “anomalies.”

#3. How does Wallace’s bill fit in the larger agenda and what about the Eighth Amendment? Both the government and Attorney General Máire Whelan say the measure contravenes the Eighth Amendment and is therefore unconstitutional. “Proponents of the bill have argued that it does not confer any new rights in relation to abortion, but merely clarifies existing rights”–a stock pro-abortion response when introducing wedge legislation.

Another typically misleading comment in the same story–that because it does not “confer any new rights,” there would be no need for a referendum which they know they would likely lose.

#4. We reposted a story from The Life Institute today, which included many quotes from a pro-life rally held in Dublin over the weekend. Here’s one that says it all:

Tracy Harkin of Every Life Counts said that babies with life-limiting conditions were being especially targeted by abortion campaigners and by politicians including [Justice Minister] David Ford and Mick Wallace.

“They are actually arguing that these babies are not human because of their severe disability, and that is simply appalling,” she said. “My daughter, Kathleen Rose, has Trisomy 13, often described as a ‘fatal abnormality’ by campaigners, and she is now 9 and bring us so much joy. Like so many other parents in this situation I find this focus on children with a disability incredibly offensive, cruel and discriminatory, and it needs to stop. We need better care and support, not abortion.”