If you thought it was bad before

unbornbaby25The Democratic convention could be called a war council.

A war on unborn babies, that is.

Democrats have long favored abortion on demand, forced taxpayer funding of abortion, and support for groups like Planned Parenthood that make money killing the unborn.

But this year’s platform is an open declaration of war on the lives of unborn babies.

For years, Democrats have tried to mask their support for their most aggressive abortion policies, pretending to a pro-life America that they want abortion to be “rare,” and calling for the funding of abortion by taxpayers, but never directly.

Well, now they’ve dropped the old claim that they wanted abortion to be “rare” (now they just want it to be “legal”). And they’ve bitten the bullet to say specifically and openly that they will get rid of the Hyde Amendment, the annual appropriations amendment that has prevented federal taxpayers from paying for millions of elective abortions.

Millions of Americans don’t know this; and don’t know, for example, that this week’s nominees even oppose protecting unborn babies who are so developed that they can feel pain!

That’s right, presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and vice-presidential pick Tim Kaine both oppose the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a bill that would save those babies from unspeakable pain in an abortion.

National Right to Life has informed millions of Americans in past elections where the candidates stand and how they’ve voted, but we can only do that with your help.

Please give generously so we can inform every interested American where the candidates stand.

Because every baby deserves a voice, and every American citizen has a right to know!

lar-donate-shCarol-TobiasreFor their lives,

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President