Editorial defends CPCs against baseless NARAL charges

By Dave Andrusko

Carol-Gosnell-HB2-QuotereWhen the Supreme Court overturned portions of the 2013 Texas pro-life bill, the five-member majority swallowing the argument that abortion is as safe as a walk in the park hook, line, and sinker.

An editorial in The Oklahoman yesterday secondarily addressed that highly dubious conclusion after first defending the saintly work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Let’s talk about the latter first.

“Choice,” to pro-choicers, is axiomatically the “choice” to abort. As a consequence, as the editorial notes, “[NARAL]Pro-Choice America implicitly suggests any choice other than abortion is a sign of undue pressure. In reality, truly informed choice involves careful weighing of options. And many women who go through that process choose life.”

As I read Justice Breyer’s majority opinion in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt , it was as if he was channeling the talking points of the Abortion Industry. If abortion facilities are as wonderful as Breyer and the lawyer for the Center for Reproductive Rights said they were, surely the only reason women might have second thoughts is if CPCs/Women Helping Centers are “deceiving” them.

Of course that doesn’t follow at all. If women/girls are in crisis mode, the first response is “get it done”–abort. Anything–a CPC, a friend, a commercial on television showing an ultrasound of an unborn baby frolicking in her mother’s womb–that allows her to collect her wits increases the likelihood she will overcome her initial panic and carry her baby to term.

Which is why PPFA’s official mantra is a “woman’s right to chose,” its operative mantra is “rush, rush, rush.”

And as The Oklahoman observed

Furthermore, the idea that abortion clinics are somehow more reputable than crisis pregnancy centers requires a real suspension of disbelief. The most notorious example is Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, convicted of killing three newborn babies by cutting their spines. A grand jury report referred to Gosnell’s practice as a “crime spree that he called a medical practice.”

The editorial goes on to cite local examples, men, such as Dr. Nareshkumar G. Patel, about whom we have written many times.

The best ending for this post is the ending of The Oklahoman editorial:

When Texas Right to Life requested copies of state Department of State Health Services inspection reports for all Texas abortion centers from July 2011-2012, it found staff at one abortion clinic in Beaumont were not trained in sterilizing surgical instruments, the suction machine used for abortion was rusty, sterile instrument packages had holes, no full-time nurse was on staff as required by Texas law, and a part-time nurse had never been oriented to the facility. Another abortion clinic, in Fort Worth, released patients without even assessing vital signs.

Given that contrast, officials with crisis pregnancy centers have no reason to apologize or feel ashamed. And neither do the women who choose to access services at those centers.

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