Complete NRLC Convention Coverage in July digital edition of National Right to Life News

Trump picks Pro-Life Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be VP

By Dave Andrusko

July2016Newscover3We waited this long to publish the July online edition of National Right to Life News because we wanted to give blanket coverage to NRLC’s July 7-9 National Convention and to talk about Donald Trump’s selection of his running mate. The entire issue can be accessed (and forwarded to your pro-life friends and family) at

First, the exciting news about the choice of pro-life Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be Mr. Trump’s vice president.

You can read about Gov. Pence here and here.

His pro-life credentials are impeccable, as we explained, both as a congressman and as the governor of the Hoosier state. Our benighted opposition understands Pence’s track record as well. That’s why in conjunction with their friends in the “mainstream media” they have launched a preemptive offensive.

But even by NARAL Pro-Choice America’s shrill standards, today’s announcement was a corker.

BREAKING NEWS: The media is reporting that Donald Trump has just picked Mike Pence, perhaps the most anti-choice governor in America, to be his running mate.1

Pence is so extreme that he once said he “longs for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history.”1 Politico once said, “Nobody hates Planned Parenthood quite as much as Mike Pence.”2

Not to be outdone, PPFA’s political arm upped the ante:

“A Trump-Pence ticket should send a shiver down the spine of women in this country,” Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement. “Donald Trump just sent a message to the women of America: your health and your lives are not important.”

Remember: the crazier the pro-abortion statement, the more likely it is the pro-life candidate is rock-solid in his or her commitment to protecting unborn babies and their mothers.

Trump’s announcement on Twitter Friday that he had chosen Pence is one of the two front page stories in the July issue of National Right to Life News. The other is the House vote to protect health care providers from the growing threat of state-government attempts to coerce participation in abortion. The Obama Administration cares not a fig for religious liberties. This bill is an important signal that the Republican leadership takes religious freedoms seriously.

There are twelve stories about NRLC 2016 which took place last week in Herndon, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. Reading them is almost like having been there.

But there is also information about how you purchase CDs and MP3s and photos that will truly make you feel a part of the largest and most comprehensive educational event of the pro-life calendar.

We will talk more next week about the July digital edition of NRL News []. Rest assured there is a wide variety of stories–here at home and around the world–that will help make you an unborn baby’s best friend: an educated pro-lifer.