Sofia has been fighting for her life since before she was born

Editor’s note. This post comes from the Irish pro-life organization Life Institute.

Irelandprolife3reAs you know, there’s a huge push right now, both North and South [Ireland], to legalise abortion for babies with a disability. That’s why we need to stand strong against abortion at the All Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast on July 2nd.

You can hear these amazing stories at the Rally (such as Bronagh Park and Baby Sophia) – stories of babies who defied the odds and whose mothers know that every child has a right to life, and abortion is NOT the answer.

Sofia Park is nearly two years old and lives with only half a working heart, she has liver disease, and all her organs are on the wrong side, but she is such a happy little baby and is truly an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

Her mother, Bronagh, who will speak at the Rally for Life explains:

“The 20 week scan showed that my little girl had a hole in her heart. My little daughter’s heart had not developed fully, and the doctor said that only half of her heart was working, as the other half of her heart was basically just muscle. […] I was told she had a condition called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.”

“After Sofia was born they diagnosed her with a liver condition called biliary atresia. We were air lifted to a children’s hospital in Birmingham where Sofia underwent her first major open heart surgery to save her life. “

“After a week post operation, she then had to undergo another operation to reconstruct her liver, and we had to wait a few weeks before they could tell us if it was a success, or if she would need a liver transplant. After her operations, my baby girl was a different baby.”