No matter how disguised, abortion is not “care”

By Carol Tobias, President

handnotlife74Last week the Los Angeles Times did a story on the so-called “abortion desert,” a term used to describe a number of states that have few abortion facilities. By way of preface, pro-lifers see the “desert” as an oasis, where commonsense abortion laws are like a spring of compassion. But back to Molly Hennessy-Fiske’s article.

Hennessy-Fiske credits/blames the “desert” mostly to the enactment of pro-life legislation. Women have to travel farther to find a facility willing to abort her child.

I’m sure that the principle purpose of the article was to make the reader feel sorry for women who have to drive a longer distance. Why do I think that? Because nowhere in the article is there a whisper about the reason for the trip: the unborn baby.

Willie Parker, who performs abortions in Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi, told the reporter that many providers in the region won’t handle abortion beyond 15 weeks. “If they don’t make the cutoff, they’re [the women] coming over to Tuscaloosa,” he stated.

It’s unfortunate that Hennessy-Fiske didn’t inform the reader Parker is an itinerant abortionist who aborts babies well past 15 weeks, or that by 15 weeks the unborn baby is fully formed—organs are functioning, blood is pumping, the baby can make a fist, etc. No, we are to focus solely on the perceived roadblocks to abortion and the difficulties placed on the women.

One of the facilities mentioned is South Wind Women’s Center (SWWC) in Wichita, Kansas. In a video accompanying the article, SWWC founder and CEO Julie Burkhart refers to “abortion care,” trying to associate a warm fuzzy feeling to one of the most gruesome procedures imaginable. (NRL News and NRL News Today have run many stories about Burkhart, a former associate of the late abortionist George Tiller, who was infamous for performing abortions so late in pregnancy virtually no one else would do them.)

Burkhart’s effort to make us think positive thoughts about abortion reminded me of the abortion “spa” that opened in Maryland a couple years ago. Women who entered the facility to get an abortion would be given a cup of hot tea and a nice bathrobe. But no matter how hard they try, the abortion industry can’t make us forget that there are two human beings involved in each abortion—the mother and the unborn baby.

Knowledge about the development of the unborn child and the use of sonograms to see that baby moving about in the amniotic sac create too powerful an image. We see two lives.

Whether the abortion performed is the dismemberment procedure, tearing the arms and legs off a fully formed little unborn girl or boy, or the swallowing of a dangerous abortifacient just six weeks after that new life has begun, a human being dies.

No matter how hard the abortion industry tries to remove the stigma of abortion from our consciences, they can’t do it. Too many Americans know that an innocent human life is ended each time an abortion is performed. The myriad of women who have been involved in abortion and who now oppose it can’t be ignored.

At our upcoming National Right to Life Convention July 7-9 in Herndon, Virginia (see page four), we will hear from women who worked in the abortion industry and what pulled them away from it. We will hear from women who have had abortions. We will hear the stories of abortion survivors. We will learn more about how abortion is contributing to the rise of breast cancer. We will hear how abortion is not “care” for women.

The abortion industry argues that abortion is a “safe” procedure for the woman. However, as Olivia Gans Turner, director of NRLC’s American Victims of Abortion, says about her own abortion– she will always be the mother of a dead baby.

Summer is often a time to slow down, take a family vacation, read that book that’s been on the shelf or e-reader for a while, but we can never stop. The lives of unborn children and their mothers are at risk.

We are making great strides but we have been called to do a job many of us consider sacred. Let’s keep on doing it.

Editor’s note. This appeared on page three of the June digital edition of National Right to Life News.  Please be sure to share with your pro-life friends and family using your social networks.