NARAL’s unceasing campaign to corrupt everything it touches

By Dave Andrusko

NARALlogo3reSince abortion corrupts everything it touches and its proponents never cease looking for new targets to debase, we’ve grown used to Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice trying to co-opt Father’s Day.

Pro-abortion-to-the-gills Hillary Clinton is their candidate. She is one of them, a soul mate, as dedicated to radically increasing the number of dead babies worldwide as they are.

So, no surprise that NARAL’s “Men for Choice” would issue a “Father’s Day Letter” denouncing presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Thus we aren’t exactly caught off guard when Joel Foster, Political Director, NARAL Pro-Choice America, spends all but the first paragraph lambasting Trump. But it’s that first paragraph, establishing what Foster tells us are the qualities of a good man and father that is so striking, coming from an organization that defends killing unlimited numbers of unborn babies. Foster writes


Being a good dad is hard work. As fathers and men who have kids in our lives, we work hard to make sure the kids we love have strong values and that they treat others the way they would like to be treated—with compassion, dignity, and respect. We want our kids to live in a world where men and women are truly equal and are treated as such. We try to set that example for them, and when we think of who is teaching our kids at school, who is representing them in Congress, or serving as their president, we want more than anything for these individuals to be role models. They should have good judgment, integrity, and temperament so they can also set an example of what it means to be a good person. And of course, they should support gender equality.

I’m a dad, and a granddad. I’m also a father-in-law and husband. That is hard work, although never to be confused with the far more difficult task of being a mother and grandmother, wife, and mother-in-law.

But the whole point of the NARALs and the PPFAs is whether (as the letter says) you have “kids in your life” is wholly optional. If an unborn child comes along at an inconvenient time, your only task as the father is to expedite the mother’s decision.

If it’s for life, that’s her choice. If it’s for death, that is still her choice. To rally on behalf of your own child is, by implication, is to fail to “support gender equality.”

To be so old-fashion as to protect your own children, how crazy is that in the eyes of Planned Parenthood and NARAL? Standing idly by while your child is ripped to shreds is, in the eyes of the dolt who wrote this letter, “setting an example of what it means to be a good person.”

To be a ‘role model,” such as by “treat[ing] others the way they would like to be treated—with compassion, dignity, and respect”–well, that’s fine to the Abortion Industry.

Fine, so long as everyone understands that true compassion means helping to foot the bill to kill your own kid; real dignity is affording no dignity to the helpless victim; and authentic respect means celebrating Father’s Day over the dead bodies of over a million unborn children a year.

These people have no shame.