“Doctor-prescribed suicide” to be voted on Thursday in Massachusetts Committee

Editor’s note. The following comes from Massachusetts Citizens for Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

The doctor-prescribed suicide bill, H 1991, must be voted by the Health Care Committee by Thursday, June 30.

At this point, the House and Senate Chairs are the key people, so we are calling them this week

Please call both Sen. Jason Lewis, 617-722-1206, and Rep. Kate Hogan, 617-722-2130.

If you have already called, you know how easy it is – and so very effective! Thank you mightily!

If you have not yet called, do it now: identify yourself and urge Sen. Lewis and Rep. Hogan to oppose the doctor-prescribed suicide bill, H 1991. If you get a recording, it is fine to leave your name and message.

Then please get someone else to call today.

We will defeat this pro-death bill!


Anne Fox

PS When you call, the person who answers will simply take your message. On the off chance that the person asks questions. Monica has put together this good background below.

  • There is no waiting period between the time a request is made and the time the lethal prescription is made available. The suicide can occur within a couple of hours.
  • There is no counseling required for the patient before the lethal dose is prescribed and taken
  • There is no requirement that a witness be present at the death…it may be done in secret. There is no requirement that a record be kept of who was present at the death or what transpired.
  • There is no inquiry into a patient’s death. A patient could be tricked or murdered and nobody would know.
  • Doctors are required to lie on the death certificate and falsely list the underlying disease as the cause of death. They may not record the death as a suicide.
  • Another person is allowed to interpret a patient’s “request” to die, i.e. a grunt could be interpreted as a “request”.
  • The drug that is prescribed is the same drug that was used in the “botched” executions of two prisoners this past year. These men suffered agonizing deaths gasping for up to two hours. Where is the “dignity” in this?