The 2016 March for Life UK was even bigger and better than last year

Thousands of pro-lifers descended on Birmingham last Saturday for the 2016 March for Life UK, and a joyous celebration of life!

Editor’s note. This comes from the SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

Ryan Bomberger (left) and Stephanie Gray (right) both addressed huge crowds at the March for Life UK

Ryan Bomberger (left) and Stephanie Gray (right) both addressed huge crowds at the March for Life UK

Speaking to attendees, the event was widely agreed to be both a huge success and a great improvement on the success of last year’s march.

Keynote speakers included international stars such as Ryan Bomberger and Stephanie Gray, as well as a number of prominent religious leaders including Bishop Badejo all the way from Nigeria.

Ryan Bomberger

Ryan is a living example of why abortion ‘exceptions’ are unjust – as he explained, Ryan was conceived in rape, and adopted into a loving, multi-racial Christian family of 15. Attendees labelled Ryan’s speech “dynamic” and “inspirational”, as he even engaged with the small group of pro-abortion supporters who were present.

“My birth mum is my first hero,” Ryan told the crowd. “She gave me life after she was raped, and my adopted family proved beyond all doubt that unintended does not equal unwanted, does not equal unloved.”

Stephanie Gray

Later, Stephanie gave an emotional talk focusing on the pain abortion causes, and reminded all present that pro-life work cannot be just a yearly activity, but must be lived as a daily reality.

However, one of the most powerful speakers was Sophie, a mum who chose life for her baby after witnessing last year’s march.

Participants in the march from across the country also told SPUC how much they enjoyed the day, and especially the pro-life unity on display. There were stalls and key figures from every mainstream pro-life group in the UK.

Love overpowers hate

UKmarch2016bThe 2015 march had been partially disrupted by aggressive and vocal pro-abortion protesters, and there had been fears in advance that this year’s event would have to deal with a similar level of disruption.

However, those fears proved unfounded – partly thanks to good organisation by stewards and the police, and partly because this time the pro-life crowds dwarfed the tiny group of pro-abortion protestors.

The protesters who turned up could not have numbered more than a few dozen and, finding themselves utterly drowned out by the pro-life crowd, all but a handful left after the first two hours.


Even those who organised the counter-protest publicly admitted that the growth of the March for Life put their pro-abortion efforts to shame.

Meanwhile, pro-lifers will return home reinvigorated and full of passion to defend the lives of all unborn children.