Recent polls put Democrats in panic mode

By Dave Andrusko

Quinnipiac University Swing State poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running neck and neck in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

There are lots of ways of measuring maturity. One is never, ever to get caught up in polls taken in May when what they purport to tell you (in this case what might be the outcome in the presidential election) is months and months away.

That said the sense of panic about pro-abortion Democrats and their protectors (that is, most of the media) is not almost palpable, it is palpable.

Last night, I was flipping channels. A reliable Democratic hack, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, was asking the panel he had assembled how could they explain that the more people see of Hillary Clinton, the less they like her?

The Democratic pollster offered a feeble excuse, the other two members (neither of which , if I remember right, was a Democrat) cut to the chase: she’s been around for 30 years with a long, long track record.

And O’Donnell loathes Donald Trump.

The night before CNN was almost in tears over the fight within the Democratic party between Clinton (and the party machinery)on the one side, and Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters, on the other.

The straw that stirred the latest round of the sky-is-falling stories is a couple of polls that show Mr. Trump ahead of Mrs. Clinton. The Fox News poll, released Wednesday, shows him up 45% to 42% among registered voters. In April a Fox News national poll showed Clinton up by 7 points, 48% to 41%.

But, as they say, it’s the “internals” that are causing Clinton and her supporters the most indigestion.

Both candidates have huge negative favorability numbers among voters–but for the first time that I can recall Clinton’s exceeds Trump’s. (Hers had gone up, Trump’s had gone down, since March. )

As CNN put it delicately

Trump has a double-digit lead among men, while Clinton has the edge among women by double-digits, though Trump’s advantage is slightly larger among men than Clinton’s is among women.

But this is blatantly misleading . If you go to the actual numbers, you see Trump is ahead among men 55% to 33%–a 22 point spread–while Clinton is ahead among women 50% to 36%–a 14 point spread. That is not “slightly larger,” that is more than half again as large.

True, as CNN points out, Clinton has a massive advantage among African Americans (90% to 7%). Trump is ahead 55% to 31% among Whites.

Likewise, 9% more Americans believe Trump is honest and trustworthy than believe Clinton is honest and trustworthy.

And to take just one more, asked, “Do you think ‘strong leader’ describes Hillary Clinton,” 49% said yes.

Asked the same of Donald Trump, 59% said yes.

Again, the election is in November, these are snapshots in May.