Louisiana continues passing pro-life bills

By Dave Andrusko

D& E 16 wk illustrationreLouisiana is busy living up to its reputation as one of the premier pro-life states.

The House, 83-0, and the Senate 34-4, have approved HB 386, authored by Rep. Frank Hoffmann. The measure would increase the current time for reflection between pre-abortion counseling and the actual abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours.

Gov. John Bel Edwards has said he supports HB386. When he signs the measure Louisiana will become the seventh state which require to wait 72 hours between the time a woman first meets the abortionist and (should she not change her mind) and the abortion.

Louisiana would join North Carolina, Utah, Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama, and South Dakota.

The House has already approved HB 1081–The Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act–and yesterday the bill passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Gov. Edward’s chief of staff Ben Nevers testified in support of the legislation.

Authored by Rep. Mike Johnson, HB 1081would protect unborn babies by ending the brutal practice of dismemberment abortion in Louisiana. A dismemberment abortion is a second-trimester abortion method where the abortionist uses forceps to seize and tear body parts from a live, unborn child.

“Every year in our state, over 1,000 living unborn babies are killed through the procedure known as dismemberment abortion,” said Ben Clapper, Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director. “The Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment Act ensures that this barbaric procedure will not happen again in Louisiana. We look forward to this legislation achieving final passage in the Senate.”

The bill has also been introduced in Idaho, Missouri, and Nebraska, and it is expected it will also be introduced in several other states.