I’m One of Canada’s Expendable

By Mark Pickup

Editor’s note. Mr. Pickup, who has multiple sclerosis,  is a Canadian disability rights activist who has spoken at National Right to Life’s annual convention.

And so we wait for “progressive” Canada to “progress” to its next phase of choosing and toward self-annihilation. We kill our unwanted children before birth under a mistaken guise of choice. Soon we will be killing our defeated sick and disabled citizens, under the mistaken guise of choice. Whether it is choosing death for another or one’s self, it is hardly progressive. It is actually regression to a Dark Age where life is expendable.

I am one of the expendable. God help me if I despair. Suicide prevention will be withheld from me. Assisted suicide will be offered instead. I meet all the criteria to be euthanized if there’s nobody to defend me at a point when I cannot defend myself.

Much of humanity in the 21st Century Canada believes it has progressed beyond a need for God. In doing so it is turning the lives of the unwanted and most vulnerable into hell on earth.


This appeared at Human Life Matters.