Death lobby rushing toward Assisted Suicide in NY!

stopassistedsuicide5Although assisting suicide is only legal for a small fraction of the world’s population, advocates are focused on promoting this dangerous legislation in New York. This legislation will be considered in the NY Assembly Health Committee on Monday.

A.10059 and the companion bill S.7579 have gotten traction under the false notion that it will provide terminally ill people with merely one more “option.” However, this is far from the truth. This deceptively titled “Medical Aid in Dying Act” is riddled with dangerous problems that seek to destroy existing protections for the vulnerable.

It is urgent that you contact your legislators on the Assembly Health Committee immediately and urge them to vote NO on A10059/S7579.

You can find a list at:

The language purports to “safeguard” assisted suicide and restrict it to the terminally ill and the competent. However, these kinds of assisted suicide proposals are opposed by medical groups (including the Medical Society of the State of New York and the American Medical Association) and many in the disability right community. Safeguards simply do not work:

  • There is no protection for those seeking assisted suicide because they suffer from treatable depression or any other mental health issue
  • Predictions that someone will die in six months are often wrong;
  • Abuse of elders and people with disabilities is a growing but often undetected problem
  • If assisted suicide is legalized, it will quickly become the cheapest alternative to medical treatment.

It is urgent that every member of the New York Assembly Health Committee hear from you. Most legislators have never considered legislation like this, and they need to know that New York does not want to destroy existing protection for those facing a difficult diagnosis.

Printable factsheets can be found at: