Man charged with second-degree murder in death of 20-week pregnant woman

Baby did not survive

By Dave Andrusko

Thierry Nkusu, left, has been charge in the fatal stabbing of Maria Mbunga, right, in Takoma Park, MD. (Takoma Park Police Department photos)

Thierry Kinshala Nkusu, left, has been charge in the fatal stabbing of Maria Veronica Mbunga, right, in Takoma Park, MD. (Takoma Park Police Department photos)

Last Wednesday, police in Tacoma Park, Maryland were called about a man in the lobby of an apartment building said to be bleeding from a stab wound in the stomach. When they arrived, it appeared that Thierry Kinshala Nkusu had been the victim of an assailant, according to police affidavits, as reported by the Washington Post’s Dan Morse.

But, as Morse explained officers

learned the man was associated with a tenant in a fourth-floor apartment. They went to that unit and found the door locked, with a trail of blood leading to the elevators.

Officers got a key from the building manager, entered and found [Maria Veronic] Mbunga unconscious, with multiple stab wounds. She was taken to a hospital.

Ms. Mbunga was 20 weeks pregnant. She died at the hospital as did her unborn baby. According to the arrest records, Mbunga and Nkusu ”had a relationship,” Morse reported.

However Nkusu’s story of coming back to Mbunga’s apartment and finding a masked assailant who “stabbed [him] on the right side of the stomach” quickly fell apart, according to arrest records, Morse reported.

Morse reported

According to an acquaintance of Nkusu’s who spoke with detectives, Nkusu called recently to say he had a “friend” who got a woman pregnant and asked whether the friend should be responsible for the baby if the woman said she would take care of the child. “If that were me,” Nkusu allegedly told the acquaintance, “I would not take responsibility for the child,” detectives said in the arrest records.

Another acquaintance told detectives that Nkusu planned to write to Mbunga’s relatives in Angola, “telling them that he would not be taking responsibility for the child,” according to an affidavit filed by the Takoma Park Police Department.

There were many inconsistencies in Nkusu’s story and he could not explain a pair of sneakers inside Ms. Mbunga’s apartment with blood on them, sneakers Nkusu acknowledged were his. Police also found his cellphone on the floor of the apartment with blood on it.

Nkusu, who has been charged with second-degree murder in Mbunga’s death, continues to profess his innocence, Morse writes.

Nkusu told detectives he and Mbunga had a good relationship.

“He stated they are both Christians and that they solve their problems with words,” detectives wrote. “He described texting her often to see how her and the unborn baby were doing.”

According to the Post story, a judge was scheduled to review the terms of Nkusu’s jail bond today. The bond had been set at $5 million.