Latest Republican matchups against Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko

vote2016buttonsAs we wrote earlier today, tonight’s twelfth GOP presidential debate could be crucial. There are only five days until the March 15 primaries which include pivotal states such as Florida, Ohio, and Illinois.

Here are the latest matchups which examine how the four Republican contenders would fare against pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, conducted March 3-6. 1,200 registered voters were surveyed.

*Clinton would defeat current front-runner Donald Trump by 13 points, 51% to 38%.

*Clinton would defeat Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by 2 points, 47% to 45%.

*In that same poll, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Clinton are tied at 46%.

* Respondents were not asked about Ohio Gov. John Kasich versus Clinton. The last poll that did ask that question was conducted February 15-17 by Fox News.

In that poll of 1,031 registered voters, Kasich was three points ahead of Clinton, 47% to 44%.