Planned Parenthood closes Augusta Health Center abortion clinic

By Dave Andrusko

Augusta Health Center in Marietta, Georgia closing

Augusta Health Center in Marietta, Georgia closing

Pro-lifers began protesting Planned Parenthood South­east’s Augusta Health Center in Marietta, Georgia, almost immediately after it took over a building in 2015 that formerly housed a pediatric clinic.

According to a news release, the Augusta Health Center is being closed due to a “commitment to fiscally responsible decisions which ensure high quality patient care,” the Augusta Chronicle reported.

“In the shifting health care landscape both locally and nationally,” the statement said, “Planned Parenthood must constantly assess operational efficiency and identify how to remain strong, serving as many patients as possible over both the short and the long term. As a result, Planned Parenthood South­east is redirecting resources to other communities within the established service area.”

But a story in the Atlanta Journal‑Constitution paints a far different picture. After protests last August

Then came a lawsuit by the former tenant and landlord, saying the operator, Daniel McBrayer, a Marietta OB-GYN, pulled a fast one and they didn’t disclose it would operate as an abortion clinic, according to Channel 2 Action News.

They also claimed the staff inside were performing medical procedures they weren’t licensed for.

The case went into mediation, which apparently resulted in the decision to close, Channel 2 reported.

The Augusta Care Pregnancy Center cheered the closure and said so in an email to the Augusta Chronicle:

“For 35 years, Augusta Care Pregnancy Center has prayed that Augusta Planned Parent­hood would close,” the group said. “Thousands of pregnant mothers have been wounded, some physically and some mentally. God has answered many prayers of the Augusta people.”

When it sued, the former tenant, Cobb Pediatrics, P.C., “allege[d] the clinic misrepresented itself on a sublease agreement as an office for ‘normal’ gynecological services because it provides abortions,” the Chronicle reported.

But Staci Fox, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, said there is “no medical distinction” between a gynecology clinic and an abortion clinic. Fox told the Chronicle

Abortion care is part of standard gynecological care,” she said, adding many doctors and clinics perform abortions for their regular patients but do not publicize it in order to avoid negative attention. “There are some clinics that do more abortions than others.”