“My Beautiful Woman” video series: a powerful pro-life message from an unexpected source

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This much appreciated post ran two years ago. We are re-running this post because it is terrific and because, as was the case when we first ran the story, my family is digging its way out of the aftermath of a winter snow storm.

MyBeautifulWoman90I had just finished shoveling out three cars from underneath a foot of snow and began my day (like many of you do) by checking my email. A friend had written to ask if I was “familiar with the ‘My Beautiful Woman’ videos out of Thailand?”

Didn’t have a clue, but I followed some hyperlinks. I was utterly amazed on two counts with what I found.

First, the incredible first 7-minute-long video which had (as they say) gone viral will give your heartstrings a strenuous workout. Second, the source: the Thai branch of the Japanese lingerie company Wacoal.

Not the first place you would expect to see the kind of life-affirming message, based on a true story, that has everybody weeping half-way through.

This is truly an example of where to reveal the plot twist would be a terrible disservice. (You can see all three videos here.)

So let me talk around the surprise ending.

The “beautiful woman” reference in this first video comes from the narrator, a friend of Jane, who describes her this way:

“She is an ordinary woman, not so beautiful or outstanding. But the smile she has for [her daughter] June makes me think she is the most beautiful woman.”

Jane is a student and a single mom. The gossip is ugly and her friend asks her why she doesn’t tell the truth about June. Jane has her reasons and deflects the inquiry by quietly responding, “That is not necessary.”

The mother/daughter bond is explored in the ordinary ordinariness of ordinary days. Or, as Michael Cook put it (in a different context) much more elegantly, you could say that My Beautiful Woman “celebrates the beauty of the small epiphanies of everyday life.”

In the closing screen, we read, “Wacoal believes all women were created to be beautiful……Beauty inside.” Amen to that.

Take 7 minutes and 16 seconds out of your day today and check it out.