Access to LIFE – The most critical disability issue!

By Kurt Kondrich

Chloe_AlexreInternational recording artist Stevie Wonder made a comment during this year’s Grammy Awards Ceremony that rightfully received much positive feedback: “We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.” Some commented that he won the entire Grammy Awards show last Monday with his comments on accessibility for those with disabilities. Stevie Wonder has been blind since shortly after birth.

As the father of a beautiful daughter born with Down syndrome in 2003, I totally agree with Mr. Wonder. I am very pleased to see him bringing this issue to national and international attention.

My daughter Chloe has brought more unconditional love, joy and light into this world in 12 years than most human beings do in a long lifetime, and Chloe has changed and transformed the hearts of many.

Chloe gained access to elected officials by showing them her ABILITIES and the priceless value of every human being, and she has met personally with numerous policymakers to share her amazing message. Her advocacy efforts led to the bi-partisan Down syndrome Prenatal Education Act (Chloe’s Law) being passed overwhelmingly by the Pennsylvania Legislature in 2014.

Chloe’s Law requires medical practitioners to share positive, factual, supportive information to families who receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. This is priceless when you consider that up to 90% of children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are targeted, eliminated and denied access to the most critical single thing every person with a disability needs – LIFE.

As prenatal screening and testing rapidly advances, this silent eugenic movement against people with disabilities could one day eliminate all people we misguidedly label as disabled–the worst form of “Access Denied.”

Many countries are on the brink of expanding National Prenatal Screening Programs with a new generation of genetic tests aimed at detecting Down syndrome. There is now an International Organization seeking to shine Light and Truth on this darkness and deception spreading across the globe. Let your voice be heard in defense of our most vulnerable disabled citizens.

I pray that Stevie Wonder’s plea to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability will one day be extended to all, born and unborn.