South Dakota abortion numbers drop to all-time low in 2014

Over a two-thirds decline since 1982

By Dave Andrusko

SDabortionstatsreAs far as I can tell, only two television stations reported on the very encouraging news that in 2014, South Dakota recorded its fewest abortions since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

If you go the website of the South Dakota Department of Health, you learn that in 2013 there were 601 abortions. In 2014 the number of babies lost to abortion had dropped by over 8%–to 551.

The next fewest number of abortions for South Dakota—597–was reported in 2011.

But consider this: in 1982, there were 1,693 abortions, meaning there has been well over a two-thirds drop in the past 32 years!

But just as South Dakota was/is following the national decline in the number of abortions, so, too, as is the case elsewhere, more abortions are chemically-induced. In 2014, the figure was 42.1%.

The number of repeat abortions has increased, according to the Department of Health.

In 2013. 19.6% of women reported having one previous abortion; 8.%% said they’d had more than one previous abortion.

In 2014, 22.9% of women reported one previous abortion; 10.9% reported having more than one previous abortions.