December digital edition of National Right to Life News is must reading

By Dave Andrusko

Dec2015FrontcoverYesterday was a challenge and a half, but as of this morning the December edition of the monthly digital National Right to Life News is available for you to read and to forward to your pro-life friends, family, and contacts. The latest issue can be accessed at

As per usual, we will be re-posting a story a day over the remainder of the week to whet your appetite for the finest and most in-depth coverage of pro-life issues to be found anywhere. This has proven to be a wonderful way to introduce newcomers to the monthly NRL News, which is a complement to our Monday-Saturday National Right to Life News Today [].

Our cover reminds us that this is the last NRL News of the year and that we are approaching a very, very special day. Peace and joy and love to your entire family from National Right to Life.

Our front page is very newsy. Our lead story explains NRLC’s preeminent role in passing H.R. 3762, the “budget reconciliation bill,” which would block about $400 million of the approximately $450 million that Planned Parenthood is expected to receive through Medicaid and certain other federal programs in the next year, or about 89% of total federal funding.

As NRLC Legislative Director Douglas Johnson said, “While this bill faces the implacable opposition of President Barack Obama, the Senate’s action has constructed a legislative roadway that can be traveled to victory in the future – once we have a pro-life president.”

We also provide background on page one to the legal challenge to Kansas’ “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.” The act bars a gruesome method of abortion in which a well-developed, living, unborn child is torn apart with sharp metal tools.

Included in the December issue are many heart-warming stories about babies thought to be too young to survive but who are now thriving, and the conversion of abortion clinics into pregnancy help centers.

We cover the euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide front, both at home and in Europe and Australia.

With the President’s column on page three and the editorials on page two, you’ll understand why, from the pro-life perspective, there are many reasons for joy this Christmas season.

Of course, as always we keep close track of PPFA’s latest skullduggery. The good news is that its phony baloney image as merely a provider of “women’s health care” is being thoroughly debunked. And a recent poll has very encouraging news. When the question is asked honestly, people are quite willing to have the money that now goes to PPFA rerouted to women’s health centers that do not provide abortions.

We’ll talk more the December edition Wednesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, please take time out of your busy Christmas season to read the latest edition of the “pro-life newspaper of record” [].