Pro-abortion senator blocks resolution that would honor Pregnancy Help Centers that provide alternatives to abortion

By Dave Andrusko

pattymurrayWell… you always hope. Identical resolutions, recently introduced in both houses of Congress, call for the second week in November to be officially designated “National Pregnancy Center Week.”

According to Jay Hobbs of Pregnancy Help News, the resolutions

celebrate the role nonprofit pregnancy help organizations play in the lives of women and men facing difficult pregnancy decisions. The resolutions also state Congress, “supports the important work of pregnancy centers across the United States” and “recognizes the importance of protecting life and assisting women and men in need as they bring children into the world.”

Hobbs adds,

While 24 state-level resolutions have been adopted in 18 different states in recent years–most recently in Colorado–the proposed resolution would be the first of its kind in the U.S. Congress.

Given how much the abortion industry despises competition–which is what pregnancy help centers (also known as crisis pregnancy centers )are, not much chance the resolution would receive unanimous consent.

Tip of the hat to for alerting readers to what happened to pro-life Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) today, when he asked for unanimous consent to pass the Senate resolution (S.Res. 312), of which he is the chief sponsor.

mikelee34Pro-abortion stalwart Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wa.), objected. In her best war-on-women voice, she dismissed the resolution as “just more of the same,” that is, “another effort to pander to the extreme Republican base by using women’s health and constitutional protected right as a political football.”

Lee responded that the resolution is nothing of the sort, let alone “divisive,” as Murray charged. “It merely commends community volunteers around the country for helping young mothers and their children, hardly a divisive thing,” he said. It “brings families and communities together.”

Lee concluded, “If calling for recognition of these brave and noble men and women who serve people at pregnancy centers around the country, if that’s divisive, we’ve significant problems, but the fact is, it’s not.”