Kansas man convicted of lesser charges in death of baby killed by abortifacient

By Dave Andrusko

Scott Bollig was found guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit domestic battery. Naomi Abbott lost her unborn baby in 2014 after ingesting the abortifacient mifepristone.

On Wednesday a Trego County, Kansas jury returned not guilty verdicts on three of the four major counts against Scott Bollig, who was charged with spiking his ex-girlfriend’s food with an abortifacient that cause Namoi Abbott to lose her unborn baby.

Mike Corn of the Hayes Daily News reported that the jury of seven men and five women found Bollig guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit domestic battery.

But after five hours of deliberation, the jury found Bollig not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated battery, and distribution of adulterated food.

Dan Walter, Bollig’s defense attorney, “asked District Judge Glenn Braun for a directed verdict, dismissing the conspiracy charges,” Corn reported. “Braun said he would take the issue under advisement, and said he hopes to render a decision in the next week to 10 days.”

In the meanwhile Bollig was taken into custody, pending sentencing.

As NRL News Today has reported, Ms. Abbott’s unborn baby was believed to be 8 to 10 weeks.

Abbott testified that on a Sunday in January 2014, Bollig cooked pancakes for her. By Thursday she was seeking medical treatment for extreme nausea and dehydration. James Bell reported.

Following that visit, she said she was admitted to the hospital for IV treatment of a urinary tract infection, chlamydia, dehydration, nausea and extreme cramping.

The following morning, Abbott said she awoke finding herself covered in blood. …

It was later confirmed she had lost the baby.

A pathologist and medical examiner testified this week that the death of Abbott’s unborn baby was “not a natural miscarriage” but the result of the abortifacient mifepristone.

WaKeeney, Kansas, Police Chief Terry Eberle testified that on February 20, 2014, Bollig told him “he had sprinkled a drug called mifepristone [an abortifacient] on pancakes eaten by Abbott,” Bell reported.

Eberle testified Bollig provided evidence to Eberle and a Kansas Bureau of Investigation officer that he had bought the pills online and admitted to crushing the pills in preparation for breakfast, when he sprinkled the crushed pill on top of pancakes he served to Abbott.

During the examination of Eberle, however, the defense found several errors in testimony he had given at a preliminary hearing, mostly on specific dates and times conversations had happened.


However Walter labored to make the case that Abbott was aware she was taking an abortifacient but later panicked and blamed Bollig.

That was the testimony of Linda Anderson, a woman whose ex-husband, Steve Anderson, was friends with Naomi’s ex-husband, Ron Abbott. Linda Anderson also claimed Ron Abbott had told her Naomi Abbott had put the abortifacient in the pancakes.

Those assertions were rebutted by Ron Abbott.

According to reporter Bell, Ron Abbott testified

he had not told Steve or Linda he had helped Naomi Abbott in any way and she had never told him she had caused her own miscarriage. Ultimately, he said Linda Anderson’s story was not true.

But planting the idea that Naomi Abbott was not a victim may have played a role in convincing the jury to convict Bollig of lesser charges.