Big victory in defund Planned Parenthood fight

We won a huge pro-life victory Friday!

Pro-Life members of the U.S. House voted 240-189 to defund most of Planned Parenthood’s federal money next year and to roll back some of the most life-threatening aspects of Obamacare.

If your member of Congress was one of the 240 pro-life heroes, be sure to give them a big Thank You!

The vote was on H.R. 3762, the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act. Because this was a rare “budget reconciliation” bill, it cannot be filibustered when it goes to the U.S. Senate.

That means it would require the support of only 51 senators to pass, instead of the 60 votes required for most bills.

Planned Parenthood lobbied hard against the bill, asking members of Congress to vote no, and informing them of their “intent to score” a “no” vote as a positive pro-choice, pro-Planned Parenthood vote in their voter scorecard. And no wonder – this bill would cost Planned Parenthood $400 million – in just one year!

But National Right to Life worked harder, calling and emailing chapters and volunteers around the country to generate a wave of calls and emails to House members in support of the bill. In the end, Planned Parenthood could only get “no” votes from 182 Democrats and seven Republicans, while 239 Republicans and one Democrat voted for the pro-life bill.

This is a huge victory for the unborn, because it provides the best chance yet to actually get a bill defunding Planned Parenthood and eliminating some of Obamacare’s abuses to the president’s desk.

But even with a 51-vote threshold in the Senate, passage of the bill is far from guaranteed. Of the 54 Republicans in the Senate, several consider themselves “pro-choice” and have voted against defunding Planned Parenthood in the past.

We have a fight on our hands in the Senate and need your help! We’re all geared up to once again call on our thousands of chapters and hundreds of thousands of members and volunteers to flood their senators’ offices with messages insisting they hold firm for defunding of Planned Parenthood, as many have promised they would do.

Please help us reach out to as many pro-life Americans as we possibly can with a generous donation today. This battle has to start now! There is no margin for error in the Senate – we need every vote! – so every senator needs to hear from thousands of his or her constituents just as soon as possible!

Your gift of $50, $100, or $250 will help us reach out to every possible pro-life supporter and send the message loud and clear to the Senate: Pass this bill to defund Planned Parenthood!

Thank you!

carol-tobias-sigpicdonate-250-roundCarol Tobias,
National Right to Life President