PPFA’s popularity continues to drop dramatically

Favorable opinion exceeds unfavorable opinion by only 5 points

By Dave Andrusko

obama-planned-parenthoodBack in August, we posted a story with the headline, “A revealing primer on Planned Parenthood’s popularity.”

Without going through the story point by point, my contention was that despite a misinterpreted NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll, it would be impossible to miss that Planned Parenthood’s popularity was slipping.

That poll found 45% had a favorable opinion of PPFA as compared to 30% who had a negative opinion–a net plus of 15 points.

Among the many numbers we posted was this from Monmouth University. It polled 1,203 adults between July 30 and August 2.

They asked a series of questions. For example–did the respondent have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of PPFA?

Thirty-seven percent had a favorable opinion versus 26% who had an unfavorable opinion–a net plus of 11 points.

Bear in mind that this at a time when only 53% had heard about the shocking undercover videos showing PPFA officials glibly and cavalier talking about how to secure the most intact baby body parts. Another 21% had heard “just a little.”

But if you are a PPFA high mucky-muck, more current numbers are far more unnerving. A Quinnipiac University National poll, the results of which were released August 31, asked this question:

Is your opinion of Planned Parenthood favorable, unfavorable or haven’t you heard enough about it?

What did they find? Favorables exceeded unfavorables by only 5 points–43% to 38%!

Note that while the third option offered to respondents in the two polls differs, in the Monmouth poll, a third (34%) had “no opinion” about PPFA while in the Quinnipiac poll only17% said they “hadn’t heard enough about” PPFA to form an opinion.

You cannot say unequivocally that as the public has learned more about PPFA those who didn’t have strong feelings are choosing sides –and more expressing an unfavorable opinion than favorable–but the evidence strongly points in that direction.

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