Approaching the vote to Defund Planned Parenthood: Part Three

“A nation that will allow this, will allow anything.”

By Dave Andrusko

Sen. James Lankford (R-Ok.)

Sen. James Lankford (R-Ok.)

A couple of hours from now the United States Senate will vote on federal funding of Planned Parenthood. As the vote approaches there are several “’x’ things to remember” stories floating around, so let’s add our own.

First and foremost, there are these two key points made by Sen. James Lankford (R-Ok.) in an op-ed piece he wrote for USA Today:

Many Americans believe these unborn lives are fully human. When Planned Parenthood sells unique human organs to research labs, by definition, they had to be unique human lives when they were aborted. These organs cannot be “just tissue” in the womb, but later sold as the liver, heart or brain of humans.

How can the useless “blobs of tissue” we’ve heard about for 50 years suddenly become not only human (“It’s a baby,” and “Another boy”,” as PPFA technicians were recorded saying) but worth plenty to those who traffic in baby body parts?


The measure scheduled for a Senate vote Monday would redirect federal funds now meant for Planned Parenthood to entities such as community health centers, many of which serve low-income patients. While Planned Parenthood runs about 700 centers nationwide, community health centers serve patients at more than 9,100 locations — 13 times the number of Planned Parenthood centers.

Contrary to the impression PPFA tries to leave, there are many, many other centers that serve the health needs of women, particularly low-income women.

One other thought, a lengthy but very powerful quote from Albert Mohler Jr., president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Writing at Cosmopolitan magazine, abortion supporter Robin Marty said that she had seen the [first] video. Then she said, “Now, frankly, I’m just going to yawn.”

Maybe she will, but if so that will require a massive act of denial. Later in her own essay she stated: “I shuddered when listening to the discussion of how the fetus can be removed, and the idea of a ‘menu’ of fetal tissue and organs that could be procured depending on the gestational age of the pregnancies being terminated and the number of patients who consent to donating is one I hope I never have to encounter again.”

Once again, which is it?

We must pray that this video will mark an important turning point in our nation’s conscience. Images and words can become seared in our minds. The horrifying knowledge of harvested baby hearts must lead to our own broken hearts.

A nation that will allow this, will allow anything.