A revealing primer on Planned Parenthood’s popularity

By Dave Andrusko

obama-planned-parenthoodThe last post for the first day of the week was intended to address a vociferous defense of abortion in general, Planned Parenthood in particular. I will offer a few comments about Rebecca Traister’s “The Big Secret of Abortion: Women Already Know How It Works” tomorrow.

Today I focus first and primarily on something I hadn’t thought about until I read her essay.

Traister tells us, “An NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll, released after the fetal-parts videos, showed Planned Parenthood with a net favorability rating of 45 percent….”

Three quick points.

#1. PPFA’s “net favorability” would be favorable minus unfavorable. In fact, if you look at the actual numbers, you see that a TOTAL of 45 % have a favorable opinion of PPFA as compared to a TOTAL of 30% who have a negative opinion.

The “net favorability” is 15%.

And there are almost as many “very negative” (22%) than there are “very positive” (26%) responses.

#2. The NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll makes a point of how Planned Parenthood and the National Rifle Association both have higher positives than the candidates running for President. Yet whereas the numbers for the NRA go all the way back to June 1995, the ONLY number for Planned Parenthood is for July 2015!

The NBC News–Wall Street Journal poll NEVER asked about PPFA’s popularity before? Ever? Or has PPFA’s public image taken a hit which would be on display if the numbers extended back a ways?

#3. Third, this got me looking to see if someone else has polled on PPFA’s popularity. Monmouth University polled 1,203 adults between July 30 and August 2. They asked a series of questions.

For example–favorable or unfavorable opinion of PPFA? 37% had a favorable opinion versus 26% who had an unfavorable opinion. The “net favorability” is 11%.

Planned Parenthood is on shaky ice. Their numbers are hardly earth-shattering, particularly when we remember this poll was taken a week and a half ago when 53% had not heard about the shocking videos showing PPFA officials glibly and cavalier talking about how to secure the most intact baby body parts.

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