NRLC President records video message to encourage women facing unexpected pregnancy

By Carol Tobias, president
National Right to Life

Dear Friends,

If you watched the fourth video from the Center for Medical Progress, I know you were as heart-broken as I was to see the organs and body parts from a little baby boy being pushed around in a dish, with no pangs of remorse for what had just happened to that baby.

I immediately thought of the women who have had an abortion who may see that video and wonder if their baby was used in the same way. I recorded a short message, now available on YouTube, to women considering abortion, urging them to choose life for their baby.

I hope you will help me get that video shown as much as possible. If we can reach even just a few women, saving them from a lifetime of regret, and saving their babies, it will be worth it.

Please share the video. Together, we can be a voice for the voiceless.