Detroit woman sentenced to life in prison for murdering two children and storing their bodies in a deep freezer

By Dave Andrusko

mitchelle-blair   Last month 36-year-old Mitchele Bair  confessed to  abusing and killing  two of her children–Stephen in 2012 and Stoni Ann in 2013—and then hiding their bodies in a deep freezer.

Today Judge Dana Hathaway sentenced the Detroit woman to life in prison without chance of parole.

But Bair was as belligerent and without remorse as she has been since her children’s bodies were found in March.

According to reporter Erik Ortiz, in sentencing Blair, Hathaway told her that the “greatest tragedy” was that Blair took away her children’s chance at a better life.

“They lived in terrible fear of you, and I find that so sad in this case,” Hathaway said. “After all is said and done, you imposed the death penalty on your own children.”

Blair, who remained stone-faced, responded: “I did.”

If Judge Hathaway expected Blair to express regret when she allowed Blair to address the Wayne County courtroom, she was sadly mistaken.

“As horrendous as everyone thinks I am, that’s fine,” Blair said. “But I’m the only one not lying about anything.” She added, “I don’t regret none of this. … I don’t feel no remorse for the death of them demons.”

Blair insisted that Stoni (then 13) and  Stephen (then nine) had sexually abused a sibling. But “Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb said there was no evidence of sexual assault,” the AP’s Ed White reported. Blair didn’t witness the alleged assaults and reported nothing to the police.

Watching clips of the sentencing, you hear Blair describe what she did to Stoni and Stephen. ”Torture” is too mild a term for what she did to her kids.

The children’s bodies were found in the freezer by an eviction crew.  In June Blair pleaded guilty in June to first-degree murder. She was originally charged with two counts of felony murder, two counts of premeditated murder and one count of torture in the deaths of her children

There are two other children whom Blair didn’t murder.  Ortiz reported:

Still undecided are what will happen to Blair’s two other children — the 8-year-old son and a 17-year-old daughter. Those children’s fathers also fathered Stephen and Stoni Ann, respectively.

They are each trying to win back custody of their children — whom Blair had been taking care of — in court. A decision could be made later this month.