Supermarket chain releases touching video about the gift children are to parents

By Texas Right to Life

publix-logo-mPublix, a chain of grocery stores that dot the southeast United States, is known for addicting deli sandwiches – and touching Father’s Day and Mother’s Day advertisements . The message tends to be Pro-Life – an intention the chain’s spokespeople deny , but which is undeniable (or, maybe, unavoidable) nonetheless.

This year, the company’s commercial released ahead of Father’s Day was no exception.

The ad was not overtly branded as a Father’s Day commercial, but the timing and the subject matter hint at a dad’s day theme. When asked on Facebook whether the ad was in honor of Father’s Day, Publix responded that the release was a “happy coincidence.”

The following was posted on Monday June 15 on Publix’s Facebook page:

Our brand-new commercial is here and we wanted you to be the first to see it. Surprise! Here’s a sneak peek.

[At the now-adult daughter’s birthday party] The father concludes with a sentiment shared by moms and dads universally: that in giving the gift of Life to a child, the gift is returned to parents in hundred-fold fashion:

“So, as this day comes around once again,” he says, “we remind ourselves that, while we may have given you Life, you have given us so much more.”

Every child is a gift, and every child deserves to leave a unique mark on the world—a mark that is first made on his or her parents.

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