South Carolina Senate Advances Fetal Pain Law

UnbornBabySC1COLUMBIA, S.C.–The South Carolina Senate gave second reading to a heavily amended Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H3114) Tuesday. Final passage is expected today. The vote was 37-7. Upon Senate passage, the bill returns to the S.C. House for further consideration.

“We see this as an important vote today to continue toward passage of a pain-capable bill in South Carolina,” said Lisa Van Riper, President of South Carolina Citizens for Life. “We are working toward the day when no child will be subjected to the extreme pain of abortion at 20 weeks she enters the sixth month of life” in the womb.

South Carolina Citizens for Life asked all 46 Senators to vote to end any filibuster and to pass the bill. Although SCCL does not agree with the amendments exempting children conceived in rape or diagnosed with disabilities, passing the amended bill was the strategy to keep it in play, according the pro-life Senate leader Larry Grooms, R-Berkeley. “Otherwise it would die. We would not have a bill,” he said.

The bill can still be filibustered on third reading; however it is expected to pass and be returned to the S.C. House where it originated. In February the SC House passed the fetal pain bill with no exceptions other than to save the mother’s life. The vote was 80-27.

The anti-life abortion lobby around the country is livid.

“Pro-abortion groups have gotten away with advocating for even brutal late abortions because their friends in the media won’t call them on even their most extreme views,” said Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee. “But we do.”

“National Right to Life created the first ad campaigns against partial-birth abortion, we helped craft the first bans against that method, and we saw the fight through to ban that procedure to final victory in the U.S. Supreme Court,” Mrs. Tobias said. “Now it is urgent that we educate the public about and ban other, equally cruel forms of the torture and killing of innocent unborn children, like painful late abortions and dismemberment abortions.”

South Carolina Citizens for Life has been the state affiliate of NRLC since 1974 and has advocated successfully for the passage of 14 SC pro-life laws with a corresponding 58 percent reduction of the number of abortions occurring in our state.