Shamelessly, Planned Parenthood touts itself as “safe haven” for newborn babies

By Dave Andrusko

safehaven4Why could/would/should it surprise you that Planned Parenthood, which corrupts everything it touches, also leads the galaxy in hypocrisy?

When you read that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is announcing that it is now a “safe haven” for newborn babies up to one month old, you wonder if you’re just having a particularly bizarre dream.

Safe Havens are a life-affirming alternative to lethal abandonment of babies, and thus a good thing. Allowing Planned Parenthood–the same “provider” of 330,000+ abortions each and every year–to polish its credentials with faux concern is not a good thing.

With complete indifference to its affiliation with the largest abortion provider in the world, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England posted on its Facebook page that Vermont has a new Safe Haven law and–hard as this is to believe–Planned Parenthood is considered a safe place for mothers to place their babies with complete anonymity and without fear of prosecution. (Presumably, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England participates because its Vermont “health centers” fall under the “health care facilities” designation.)

As the attached screen shot illustrates, we are told

Vermont has a new safe haven law. This means that rather than abandoning your newborn, you can bring your baby to a safe place where he or she will be carried for. All Planned Parenthood health centers in Vermont are safe places to bring an infant up to 30 days old. And you won’t face any legal charges if your baby has not been abused or neglected. We can help you with medical care, counseling referrals and more. We can help your baby to get necessary care and be placed with parents who are able to adopt and care for your child.”

Planned Parenthood is the most aggressive seller, promoter, and exporter of abortions anywhere in the world. It is quite willing to abuse unborn babies up to the last possible moment–the very same babies who are capable of feeling excruciating pain as they are killed.

Bring those babies to firehouses, police stations, churches and synagogues, and adoption agencies. None of these facilities would have taken that very same baby’s life just a short while before.

Tip of the hat to LifeNews.