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Nevada Senate Republicans: Come Out Come Out From Wherever You Are!

By Don Nelson, Communications Director, Nevada Right to Life

Carson City, NV — Yesterday Nevada Right to Life led 75 moms with children, grandparents, dads, and other citizens at the Capitol in Carson City, Nevada in an attempt to speak with three Republican Nevada Senators, Majority Leader Mark Roberson, Finance Chairman Ben Kiekhefer, and Greg Brower.

They met to ask them to give AB 405 a hearing and to pass it. AB 405 is a parental notification bill that would require abortion clinics to notify one parent 48 hours before performing an abortion on their teen or preteen daughters. The bill contains judicial bypass and medical emergency provisions.

I’ve been around Carson City since 1993, the last time a parental notification bill was heard, but I haven’t seen anything as bizarre in Carson City as what I saw yesterday.

As we congregated at the capitol steps, our meeting with Senator Brower was cancelled. Kiekhefer and Roberson were nowhere to be found. NVRTL president Melissa Clement led us to their offices where they would not see us.

But we signed into each of their offices. Then we waited for them at the Senate Chambers only to find out that they were sequestered, hunkered down, hiding out in the Senate Caucus room–taking a long lunch–until we began to leave and the coast was clear. Finally Clement found that Kiekhefer and Roberson were sneaked into the Senate floor through a back door.

Our president, Melissa Clement, says that while those Senate Republicans hid out from pro-lifers in their offices and the Senate caucus rooms, little girls in Nevada can be railroaded to abortion clinics by sexual predators and others who have an interest in her keeping her abortion from her parents. They need those Republicans to get this bill the hearing it needs and pass it so these little girls and their parents have another layer of protection around them that they deserve, like girls in over 30 other states.

It is bizarre that in Nevada you cannot receive an aspirin from the school nurse without parental consent but that same teen or preteen girl can get an abortion-an invasive surgical procedure with lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual consequences-without her parents ever knowing. What is even more bizarre is that in 2013 Roberson and Kiekhefer both voted for a bill to prohibit minors from getting a tan at a tanning salon, even if they had parental consent.

Don’t doubt that the NV Republican Senate leadership is trying to kill this bill. We don’t know who they are protecting, but there’s no other reason to refer this bill to the Senate finance committee chaired by pro-abortion Senator Ben Kiekhefer when there is no fiscal note to AB405.

Concerned Nevadans need to call and email Nevada Republican Senators Ben Kiekhefer 775-684-1450, and Michael Roberson – 775-684-1481 and demand that they re-refer AB405 to the health/human services committee, hold a hearing and pass this bill.

When upwards of 80 percent of Americans support parental notification, you know it is abortion politics that are getting in the way of protecting Nevada girls. It’s time to stop abandoning Nevada girls to those who do not care and who will gain from keeping their parents from knowing. Our girls are not expendable for political purposes.

Time is of the essence. Please call Senators Kiekhefer and Robeson so we can provide protection that Nevada girls need and deserve.

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