Group-Funding to Pay for Suicide

By Wesley J. Smith

Money4reHave we become such a degraded and life-disaffirming culture that a fundraising internet site is hosting a request to group-fund a one-way trip to a Swiss suicide clinic?

Apparently so.

From the pitch at the fund raising site, which I won’t link, since I don’t want to indirectly aid this effort:

I am 66 years old and now disabled, with debilitating pain which was caused by having a tumour removed from my spine, permanently damaging my nervous system. Medical experts have advised me that there is no longer any treatment available to alleviate my pain.

The money is needed to fund my decision to terminate my life at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, and in turn save the NHS huge costs in my long term care. I believe that the limited NHS funds could be better spent on people with the prospects for recovery.

This could well be a ruse. The fellow wants what amounts to about $40,000. Suicide clinics, as I understand it, charge about $10,000. But with demand high, maybe prices have inflated.

So far, two takers. What ghouls. I hope this is performance art.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s fine blog.