Encouraging Words from Pro-Life Students in Pennsylvania

By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania ProLife Federation

essayThe results of our annual student contests never fail to impress me.

Every spring, hundreds of students from across the Commonwealth send us pro-life essays for our annual pro-life essay contest.

Our judges are almost ready to announce the 2015 winners, so check back soon. But in the meantime, I want to share a small sample of the passionate, poignant, encouraging, and creative words that I read in students’ essays this spring. I hope that their words will encourage you, as they did me.

“Every baby, human, or soul created has a purpose. God does not make junk.” — Abigail

“There are many reasons why I’m glad my mother chose life for me over abortion … friends, family, food, and other things I love. … I also would never have experienced leg room because the womb would have been a bit cramped.” – Isaiah

“This silent horror is called abortion, and it is a national disgrace.” — Martyna

“Abortion is a terrible thing. You could actually equate it to walking up to a child on the street and killing them. Who would do such a thing? Not many, if more people thought of it this way.” — Eli

“To be pro-life is not just a stance on abortion but a way of life.” – Kelsey

“Every one of those embryos created in a lab is a miracle. They can eventually be breathing, walking around, laughing, crying, and brightening the life of the people around them.” – Vanessa

“Every life is worth the pain of saving; if we realize this, then the pain we feel isn’t pain at all – it is something else entirely: love.” — Andrew

Keep watching for a list of the 2015 Pro-Life Essay Contest winners!

Editor’s note. This appeared at paprolife.us