Abortionist Kermit Gosnell gives “creepy” interview to makers of movie which will be highly critical of Gosnell

By Dave Andrusko

Phelim McAleer and wife Ann McElhinney

Phelim McAleer and wife Ann McElhinney

Last Wednesday was the second anniversary of the triple murder convictions of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Over the course of two days, we posted seven stories. Here are the three best received: nrlc.cc/1PUudru; nrlc.cc/1PUujiO; and nrlc.cc/1EhMXu0.

However, in that blanket coverage, I neglected to even mention the Gosnell movie that we have written about previously. If you remember, like the murder trial itself, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney faced censorship. Eventually, they raised enough money through a crowdfunding website to produce what they assure us will be a quality film about the man who operated the “House of Horrors” in West Philadelphia.

Kermit Gosnell

Kermit Gosnell

In September 2013 we ran a four-part series on a long story turned into an e-book by journalist Steve Volk. Volk was, to the best of my knowledge, the first and only journalist to whom Gosnell gave an interview–up to that point.

Lo and behold Gosnell recently gave a two-hour interview while in jail to McAleer and McElhinney! The pair in turn gave an exclusive interview to LifeNews where veteran journalist McAleer described their encounter as “one of the creepiest interviews we have ever conducted.”

While it understandably shocked McAleer, it is completely in character for Gosnell to be “relaxed,” apparently showing “no remorse,” seeing himself as “a martyr,” and “behav[ing] completely inappropriately with Ann – – touching her and singing love songs – it was a bizarre, bizarre experience.”

McAleer promised further details later, particularly about Gosnell’s life in jail and the absence of remorse.

As we have written on many occasions, Gosnell’s behavior was bizarre on multiple levels. Not just the sheer horror of aborting hundreds of viable babies alive (according to the Grand Jury) and then slitting their spinal cords, but the absolute disregard for women, almost all of whom were poor women of color who paid Gosnell a princely sum to abort huge babies.

Here was a man who made millions and millions from abortions and a huge amount from illegally selling prescription drugs whose place of “business” was squalid almost beyond words. But his own home[s] weren’t a whole lot better.

It was almost as if at some level he was rejecting the rewards his contemptuous behavior made possible.

I take that back.

He was just a sick, sick man who could calmly eat his food while still wearing bloody, torn latex gloves and play Chopin as investigators searched his flea-infested home for fetal remains.

Unfortunately, while Gosnell may have been the most extreme example, we can be sure that an industry that works on killing in volume to succeed will have many just like him in its ranks.