Abortionist: ‘A fetus is nothing’

By Sarah Terzo

unbornhumanfetus20weeksPro-lifers know that abortions are sad and brutal procedures where babies are killed and women scarred for life.

The abortionists who perform these procedures are sometimes challenged by stigma, pro-life pressures, and the grisliness of procedures, while some seem to be in it for the money.

For others, performing abortions is an altruistic calling. They believe they are making the lives of women better, or saving them from illegal, back alley abortions. Whether they fully believe this in their hearts, one can only wonder. Some seem to genuinely believe that they are on the side of the angels, making the world a better place for women by killing their unwanted children, setting them free to pursue their goals without hindrance. The fact that the babies have to die is just collateral damage.

In fact, some abortionists even deny the reality that abortion kills babies. They look at the bodies of torn apart babies on a daily basis and manage to convince themselves that these children aren’t human. As one abortionist said, when asked if he ever felt guilt:

If I feel anything, I feel gratified. Abortion is much more important than the life of a child that doesn’t exist. When I saw how simple a procedure it was, I thought what a crime that women have suffered and gone down in shame. A fetus is nothing! The talk about abortion doesn’t touch on the reality of what goes on out there. It doesn’t touch on the 16-year-old whose mother took away her birth control pills because she did poorly on her examinations, does it?

To this doctor, a fetus is “nothing.” The convenience of a 16-year-old girl whose plans may be cancelled or postponed (perhaps only for nine months, since adoption is an option) is the only thing that matters.

Pro-lifers may find it hard to believe that an abortionist can look at the torn little arms and legs and crushed skulls of aborted babies and still think that they are “nothing.” But another abortionist takes this delusion even further.

A quote from the medical director and abortionist at one clinic show how deep the delusion can be.

I’ve said many times that the amount of good that we do here in one day doing 10, 20 abortions is far greater than somebody working in a heart transplant unit doing one or two heart transplants on 64 year old men.

This abortionist actually thinks that ending the lives of 10 to 20 babies in one day is better than saving or at least prolonging the lives of one or two grown people.

Taking lives has become more important than saving them. Morality is twisted, and it is more moral to take 20 lives than to save two. It is a perversion of everything the medical profession is supposed to stand for.

Doctors are supposed to save lives, not take them. In the world that pro-abortion people have created, taking lives is more important than saving them. Doctors become killers, and healers are second rate. This is the world pro-lifers must fight against. This is the twisted reality of abortion.

Editor’s note. Sarah Terzo is a pro-life author and creator of the clinicquotes.com website. She is a member of Secular Pro-Life and PLAGAL. This appeared at liveactionnews.org and is reprinted with permission.