Louisiana State Rep. Whitney Files Bill to End Pre-Natal Discrimination

Louisiana Right to Life To Spearhead H.B. 701 with Rep. Whitney

Editor’s note. The following comes from Louisiana Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate.

Louisiana State Rep. Lenar Whitney

Louisiana State Rep. Lenar Whitney

State Rep. Lenar Whitney (R-Houma) has filed H.B. 701, the Louisiana Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), in the Louisiana Legislature, and it will be considered soon before the House Health and Welfare Committee.

This bill, crafted using model legislation from National Right to Life, would prohibit abortion when based on the gender of the unborn baby and provide for civil actions against those who violate the law.

“It is sad that people in our world would kill unborn children simply because they are baby girls instead of baby boys,” Rep. Whitney said. “Louisiana, as a leader in protecting human life, has a responsibility through this legislation to ensure that this form of discrimination does not take place within our borders. I look forward to passing this legislation and placing it on Gov. Jindal’s desk for his signature.”

In Washington D.C., Louisiana’s senior U.S. Senator David Vitter is the sponsor of the federal version of the Pre-Natal Non-Discrimination Act, S. 48.

“It’s chilling to realize that many babies – almost always girls – are aborted purely as a method of selecting the opposite, preferred sex. That’s flat out wrong, but it happens regularly. I support Rep. Whitney’s Louisiana version of PRENDA, and I look forward to passing the federal version in the U.S. Senate,” said Vitter.

Ryan Verret, Associate Director of Louisiana Right to Life and the organization’s legislative captain, said, “Sex-selection abortion is the ultimate form of gender discrimination. We believe gender equality begins in the womb, and we are excited to work with Rep. Whitney to pass this important legislation.”