False attacks on pro-life champions only hurt the unborn

In the past week, pro-life senators and representatives in Congress won two very important fights to add language to bills to prevent funds for those programs from being used for abortion.

Those are significant victories. For example, the Hyde Amendment – which prevents abortion funding in programs run by the Health and Human Services Department – has saved the lives of well over a million unborn children.

So preventing abortion funding, which Congress just did in a health clinic program that’s part of Obamacare and in the bill to curb human trafficking, is very important for the unborn. Pro-life members of Congress – primarily Republicans, but supported by a small number of congressional Democrats – are to be commended for hanging tough when pro-abortion groups and their Democratic allies in Congress started demanding abortion funding be added in the trafficking bill.

The victory in the health clinic program is significant because it establishes, for the first time, a provision written into law that truly prevents federal funds from being used for abortion in an Obamacare program. That will be very important as Congress debates changes to and repeal of Obamacare in the coming months and years.

And language preventing abortion funding in the trafficking bill – whether that funding would come from the taxpayer or from any other federal funds at all, such as from fines or fees – is significant because it is a classic case of the pro-abortion side making strident demands, but blinking when Republican leadership in the majority in Congress made it clear they wouldn’t cave.

But despite the GOP leadership’s steadfastness, a cottage industry of some radio and TV talk show hosts and some fundraising organizations want you to believe the Republicans are doing nothing to advance the cause of life.

That could not be further from the truth.

Yes, it’s true there are turncoat Republicans who turn their backs on the unborn and when that happens, National Right to Life is the first to object – and to act. But these are exceptions that prove the general rule: The vast majority of our pro-life senators and representatives, Republicans and the few Democrats who are with us alike, ran based on their deep belief in the sanctity of human life, and they have stuck with that belief!

Yet the other day, a conservative talk show host, in the midst of a tirade against Republicans over other issues, assured a caller that the Republicans and their leadership had caved and allowed abortion funding in the human trafficking bill, when in fact, they had held firm in the face of pro-abortion demands and won a great victory for the unborn!

His reasoning was that if pro-abortion stalwarts like Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) voted for the final trafficking bill – which passed 99-0 – then we must have lost. “I assure you,” he told the caller, “that bill is paying for abortions.”

Well, it’s not. Democrats like Boxer in the end voted for a bill they wanted when they realized that pro-life leaders were simply not going to cave and pass a bill with abortion funding. Abortion funding is banned in the anti-trafficking bill, and in the health clinic bill as well, because of the integrity and persistence of senators like Mitch McConnell (R-KY.), John Cornyn (R-Tx.) and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). Those Senators deserve our thanks and the thanks of future generations of unborn children who will live because of their work, not the attacks based on uninformed guesses or assumptions of radio talk show hosts.

Unfortunately, it’s not just radio and TV talk show hosts that get it wrong. Some fundraising companies have found they can make a buck by screaming half-truths and falsehoods about pro-life officeholders who they claim aren’t “pure” enough on other issues. But in truth, all this cottage industry of naysayers is doing is making their percentage of the take and hurting the unborn.

National Right to Life has for decades been the leader in informing Americans what is really happening on Capitol Hill and in the state legislatures. When elected officials betray the unborn, you’ll probably hear it from us first. And when they stand in the face of media and pro-abortion assaults to win hard-fought victories that save babies’ lives, we’ll let you know that, too.

In addition, National Right to Life has two political action committees that inform voters what the candidates are doing. It’s the job of our PACs to elect committed pro-lifers who are dedicated to policies that save the lives of the unborn. Those who betray those ideals will hear from us; those who defend our ideals, sometimes at risk to their own political careers, deserve our thanks and support.

National Right to Life doesn’t have the resources it needs to truly get the word out as widely as we would like to inform Americans who is defending life, and who is jeopardizing it with their votes and actions behind the scenes. Will you help us increase the power of that voice? It is so important to the future success of pro-life legislation!

Please consider a generous donation of $500, $250 or $100 so we can let constituents know the job each and every member of Congress is doing for – or against – the unborn.

Imagine the power your donation of even $50 or $35 will have when more Americans hear who is supporting or opposing the cause of Life on Capitol Hill. As those Americans become educated and more calls, letters, and emails pour in to members of Congress who are helping or harming the unborn, the effect will be powerful. Few members of Congress want their constituents to think they’re not doing what they were elected to do!

Please help us arm the American public with the truth – that the vast majority of pro-life leadership in Congress and in the state legislatures is fighting hard every day for the unborn . . . and in those cases where they’re not, please help us tell the public that truth as well, so we can keep every pro-life official on point to save lives!

Because that’s what this is all about!

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President