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At the last minute a hearing is scheduled for Nevada’s parental notification bill

By Melissa Clement, President, Nevada Right to Life

Editor’s note. The alert was sent out by Nevada RTL. For our readers in Nevada, you can get updates and learn how to contact your legislators at

In a story very appropriate to Easter Week, Nevada’s AB405 — Parental Notification for Underage Girls Seeking an Abortion — was resurrected last night and lives to see another day.

A hearing will occur in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Friday, April 10. All bills must be voted out of committee by midnight that very same day.

This is a very quick turn around and it is imperative that all parents, grandparents, and citizens who see the benefit of parental involvement in abortions sought by girls under the age of 18, call, email and/or visit the legislators listed below.

Chair Ira Hansen, 775-684-8851
(Be sure to thank him for saving the bill and taking it into his committee)

Erv Nelson, 775-684-8833  Erv.Nelson

Michele Fiore775-684-8829  Michele.Fiore

David Gardner 775-684-8549  David.Gardner

Brent Jones 775-684-8573  Brent.Jones

P.K. O’Neill 775-684-8825  PK.Oneill

Victoria Seaman 775-684-8847  Victoria.Seaman

Jim Wheeler 775-684-8843  Jim.Wheeler

Democrats –

Elliot Anderson 775-684-8835  Elliot.Anderson

Nelson Araujo 775-684-8599  Nelson.Araujo

Olivia Diaz 775-684-8553  Olivia.Diaz

James Ohrenschall 775-684-8819  James.Ohrenschall

Tyrone Thompson 775-684-8569  Tyrone.Thompson

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