Pro-abortion Super PAC Emily’s List lauds pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, speaking at EMILY's List 30th Anniversary dinner

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton, speaking at EMILY’s List 30th Anniversary dinner

It’s hardly surprising that Hillary Clinton, the all-but-announced 2016 presidential candidate, would be the star attraction at the fundraising dinner last night honoring the 30th anniversary of EMILY’s List. As pro-lifers know, EMILY’s List supports only hard-core, no exceptions, pro-abortion female Democrats.

Mrs. Clinton is one of them; just check her record as a former First Lady, senator from New York, and Secretary of State. That bond was reaffirmed by the rounds of applause last night. (To be more specific, Clinton offered a standard stump speech with only one allusion to her potential candidacy. The whoops and hollers came when other speakers “mentioned Clinton’s likely candidacy,” the Washington Post reported.)

For those who don’t follow the ins and outs of pro-abortion politics, evidently Clinton and EMILY’s List are pretty much joined at the hip. For example,” The entire event had the flavor of a Clinton-for-president pep rally, with many of the speakers suggesting that 2016 is finally the year to elect a woman president,” the Post reported. “If there was an audience waiting to be called to action for a Hillary 2016 campaign, this was it.”

We learned even more from a piece about EMILY’s List that ran before the dinner in the New York Times.

NARAL President Stephanie Schriock is an unabashed Clinton supporter. Reporter Amy Chozick noted

Ms. Schriock’s ties with Mrs. Clinton, whom she presented with an award at Tuesday’s gala, are strong: She was on a short list to be Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign manager. And she left the board of Priorities USA Action, a “super PAC,” so she could legally work more closely with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.

Of course, this is hardly breaking news. What may have come as a surprise to readers of the New York Times (but not to readers of NRL News Today), NARAL talked very, very little about abortion in the last election cycle. Schriock will, according to Chozick, “barely utter the word.”

“What we want to talk about is what voters want to talk about,” she said when asked about abortion. “That’s equal pay, and minimum-wage increase, and access to health care, and paid sick leave, and the list goes on.”

When pressed, Ms. Schriock did not relent, arguing that “pro-choice” should mean “women having the ability to make choices in their lives to be successful, to have economic opportunity and to raise their families.”

But NRL Political Director Karen Cross talked about this pro-abortion misdirection tactic more than once in the run up to the 2014 off-year elections. As Karen wrote

EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL Pro-Choice America are avoiding the “a” word like the plague in traditionally “red” states ““ especially EMILY’s List. They are focusing on “fluff” issues, unrelated to abortion, and their candidates are pretty mum on the issue, too. I believe they “get it.” They realize their extreme positions on abortion hurt their ability to win so they disguise it and sugarcoat their rhetoric.

We will be hearing a great deal about Mrs. Clinton who not only is her party’s presumptive front-runner but also perpetually embroiled in controversies of her own making. Meanwhile, if you want to read about the great successes enjoyed by NRL-endorsed candidates versus EMILY’s List-endorse candidates, go here.

And please keep in mind that track record of pro-life success came about even though vastly outspent by EMILY’s List.