I am the last of my friends to have an abortion, student says

Editor’s note. This appeared at ClinicQuotes.

ultrasound-2-672x372An abortion clinic worker spoke of a woman named Anjie who she saw for an abortion:

[T]his woman, I will call Anjie, was clarity personified. She said, “There are women in the waiting room crying. Am I a monster because I am not?” There are some people who are guilty for not feeling guilty but I hadn’t really talked to one of them recently. …

The other amazing thing is that she said, “I am the last in my crowd to have an abortion. Now it is 100%.” Many of you will see this as a sign of depravity among college students. But the remarkable thing is that all those friends had been open about their experience and were willing to share their experience to help out a friend. She felt taken care of, connected, and what I can only describe as NORMAL. This is amazing for how rare it is.

But the truth is that abortion, like having a baby, losing a parent, having sex for the first time, getting married, etc. is a rite of passage. Not everyone will do all of those things, but it is one of the milestones in life that people go through so why not talk about it openly?”

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