Women’s Groups and Faith-Based Organisations Send Open Letter to Every MP Backing the Sex-Selection Abortion Amendment


Editor’s note. NRL News Today has extensively covered the campaign in Great Britain to clarify that sex-selection abortions are actually taking place and that they are not legal under the 1967 Abortion Act.

Most recently a growing number of Members of Parliament have “put their names to an amendment to the Government’s Serious Crime Bill clarifying Britain’s abortion laws to exclude termination on grounds of the unborn baby’s sex,” according to John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor for the Daily Telegraph. The bill has “already completed its committee stage in the Commons and is on course to become law before the General Election in May,” according to Bingham. The amendment is likely to be debated February 23.

MP Fiona Bruce

MP Fiona Bruce

On Sunday representatives from 25 organizations, including the Muslim Women’s Network, The Hindu Council, Sikh Council, Sikh Women’s Alliance, Imam Ajmal Masroor, Sharan Project, Jeena International and Karma Nirvana sent a letter to every MP in the House of Commons urging them to back the sex-selection abortion amendment proposed by over 100 MPs, led by Fiona Bruce MP.

The letter expresses regret at the unwillingness of parties on both sides to see beyond pro-life, pro-choice rhetoric, and addresses directly some of the concerns which have been voiced about the amendment.

The letter says

‘Our experience tells us that practical help is needed in areas where women are sometimes devalued and degraded to the extent that people try to stop them from being born. Not enough is being done. We believe the Government can and should play a part. This amendment provides that opportunity’.

The full letter can be read at stopgendercide.org.