Missouri man charged with four murders, including murder of unborn baby

By Dave Andrusko

Casey Maples, who was 7-8 weeks pregnant when she and her baby were murdered

Casey Maples, who was 7-8 weeks pregnant when she and her baby were murdered

Unfortunately, we have two posts today about murders whose brutality almost defies belief.

Authorities charged Brian D. Williams of Missouri Tuesday with four counts of murder in the deaths of three adults and an unborn baby.

The victims, who were all shot in the head, were James Marsh, Casey Maples, his pregnant girlfriend, and Christina Winden. Maples’ unborn baby was estimated to be 7-8 weeks old. The baby died as “a result of being suffocated from Maples sustaining trauma from the gunshots.”

In a story filed by Springfield News-Leader’s Stephen Herzog

“Williams stated that before the killings he knew that Maples was pregnant and that Marsh was the father,” the statement says. “Williams advised that he does not feel bad about killing Maples knowing that she was pregnant

Adelena Michel Marsh, James Marsh’s mother, told Herzog in an interview Monday

that her son and his slain girlfriend were expecting a child and last week heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

“Please remember there’s four dead, not three,” said, referencing the unborn child. “That was my son and my grandbaby who were killed.”

She believes revenge is the motive for the killings but has not described specifically what happened to lead her to that conclusion. No specific motive for the shootings is described in court records.

Brian D. Williams

Brian D. Williams

The details of the murders are too brutal to detail. Suffice it to say, according to Highway Patrol investigators, Williams, 25, shot all of the victims in their beds, returning a second time when he heard noises and found Marsh still gasping for air. He shot him again “to make sure that he would die.”

Williams did express one regret, according to the Highway Patrol investigators’ statement: Not that he had shot all his victims but that “he wished Winden’s boyfriend had been there too so Williams could kill him