Republican-controlled New York State Senate refuses to take up abortion-expansion proposal


By Dave Andrusko

DeanSkelos3As a reminder once again that elections do have consequences, on Monday the Republican-controlled New York state Senate approved eight out of nine remaining bills in the package known as the Women’s Equality Act but refused to take up a component that would greatly expand abortion “rights” in a state that already aborts an incredible number of unborn babies.

NRL News Today ran a series of stories last year in which the state Senate, which then had a power-sharing arrangement between Republicans and Democrats, fended off the efforts of pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo to package an extreme expansion of third trimester abortion with nine other points that are related to a myriad of issues, including equal pay, housing discrimination, and protections for victims of human trafficking. (The tenth proposal, having to do with domestic violence, passed separately in 2014.)

In last November’s elections, Republicans won an outright majority in the Senate. Last year the state Assembly (controlled by pro-abortion Democrats) passed the omnibus version with the abortion plank included.

“We will not be taking that [abortion] provision up,” Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, R-Nassau County, said. “The other planks or bills have been passed twice in house I think unanimous” [in 2013 and 2014].

“It is a new year and time to put progress over politics by passing effective measures that provide women with the protections they need and the opportunities they deserve,” he added. “The Senate is making the passing of these bills an immediate priority because women need the politics to end so that New York can enact a Women’s Equality Agenda without further delay.”

Pro-abortionists in the Assembly want all nine of the bills in the Women’s Equality Act voted on, insisting unpersuasively that the ninth bill merely brings state law into line with the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.