39 pages—longest, most in-depth digital edition of National Right to Life News ever


By Dave Andrusko

Jan2015FrontcoverEach month, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment when we push the button and the digital edition of National Right to Life News is sent to a massive number of readers via the Internet. When those readers, in turn, pass on individual stories (or the whole issue), the “multiplier” effect kicks in. When news gathering services, such as Google and Bing, pick up the stories, they can be read worldwide by anyone with access to the Web.

As we have done every issue since January 2014 when NRL News morphed from a print newspaper to a digital newspaper, we will send out a sample story each day this week. Today, I chose Joleigh Little’s “An Issue of the Heart.“ By the time you finish the second paragraph, you will know why.

This is the longest digital edition ever—39 pages. It could not have been otherwise; there’s been so much taking place that 39 pages only scratched the surface—which is why we hope that everyone who reads NRL News signs up to receive NRL News Today in their inbox each Monday through Saturday. (It just takes 30 seconds—go to www.nrlc.org/mailinglist.)

Page one is devoted to the “Groundbreaking Dismemberment Abortion Ban in Kansas” which “Kicks off Right to Life Movement 2015 Legislative Agenda”: and a Congressional Action Alert—“U.S. House of Representatives to vote January 22 on Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act!” And of course we write about the upcoming 42nd March for Life multiple times.

But there is so much more. Many stories about mothers who resisted the “advice” that they abort their unborn children; the annual NRLC convention in Louisiana in early July; statistics, stories, and graphs illustrating what 57 million lost lives means—and PPFA’s integral role as the largest “abortion provider” in the United States.

And then there is a story illustrating how important it is not to prematurely “write off” people who appear to be medically compromised; the opportunity to sign up for the NRLC Academy; and lovely stories, such as a “behind-the-scenes” look at how superstar singer Kelly Clarkson’s infant played a key role in her new single.

More tomorrow, including a story you will not want to miss!